The Book of Bitcoin

The Book of Bitcoin

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Welcome to The Book of Bitcoin, from Bitcoin University

"the Book of Bitcoin" answers all of your Bitcoin questions, even questions you wouldn't know to ask. Discover if Bitcoin is right for you with "The Book of Bitcoin"

1. Dedication 1
2. Introduction 7
3. What Bitcoin Terms to Know 13
4. Bitcoin is Crypto, right? 19
5. Is Bitcoin Going to Replace the USD? 23
6. Should I Invest in Ethereum? 27
7. How is Bitcoin Like Tesla? 33
8. Where does Bitcoin gets its value? 36
9. How does Bitcoin solve global economic
problems (Using first principles)? 38
10. Blockchain is really the important part, right? 42
11. Does Bitcoin replace cash transactions? 44
12. Can you give me an example of something a Bitcoin
can do that a fiat currency cannot? 47
13. If Bitcoin doesn’t replace USD, what does it
replace? 49
14. Is Bitcoin Money? 51
15. What Makes A Bitcoin Valuable? 53
16. Quantum computing will destroy Bitcoin, right? 57
17. Well, why doesn’t a bank just make another
Bitcoin? 61
18. What is Bitcoin Mining? 67
19. What is a Bitcoin “Halving?” 69
20. What is Wrong With Bitcoin? 71
21. What problems does Bitcoin solve? 75
22. Bitcoin is just an online ‘Ponzi Scheme,” right? 80
23. Is Bitcoin anonymous? 83
24. What is a Bitcoin Node? 85
25. If Bitcoins can’t be taken, only given, then how
do people lose all their Bitcoins? 87
26. Is Bitcoin illegal? 90
27. How is Bitcoin price determined? 93
28. What can I do with a Bitcoin? 96
29. Do I need an exchange to get Bitcoin? 98
30. Should I buy Bitcoin or Gold? 100
31. Isn’t Bitcoin bad for the environment? 102
32. Is Bitcoin a Bubble? 107
33. What are the best ways to protect your Bitcoin? 109
34. Where is Bitcoin used the most? 111
35. How many Bitcoins are there? 113
36. Why would a business use Bitcoin? 115
37. What is a Central Bank Digital Currency
(CBDC) and how is it different than Bitcoin? 118
38. How does AI describe Bitcoin? 126
39. What Benefits Does Bitcoin Have Over US
Dollar? 127
40. What does Bitcoin’s “Proof of Work” mean? 129
41. What do we know about Satoshi Nakamoto? 132
42. One feature Bitcoin has no one talks about? 135
43. How did Bitcoin fight tyranny in Canada? 137
44. Why should I trust Bitcoin? 140
45. How do I gain access to The Lightning Network? 146
46. What Apps can help me use Bitcoin? 148
47. When should I buy a Bitcoin? 150
48. When should I sell a Bitcoin? 154
49. Once I get a Bitcoin, what should i do with it? 156
50. If I shouldn’t sell Bitcoin, how do I get value
from it? 159
51. After FTX, I’m afraid to enter Bitcoin! 163
52. I’m not in “The West” how does Bitcoin help me? 168
53. Can I get paid in Bitcoin? 171
54. What is the biggest threat to Bitcoin? 173
55. I’ve heard so much about China and Bitcoin.
What is China’s involvement with Bitcoin? 175
56. What are the benefits of owning Bitcoin? Why
should I bother? 177
57. What can I expect from Bitcoin in the future? 182
58. How high can Bitcoin price go? 184
59. Which Bitcoin exchange should I use? 188
60. How will a Bitcoin Spot ETF Change Bitcoin 192
61. What should I do now? Where do I go from here
with Bitcoin? 197
62. The 5 Greatest Men in Bitcoin History 199
63. Final Chapter. 201

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