NEW ZEALAND WHV GUIDE | Work, Travel and Make Memories

NEW ZEALAND WHV GUIDE | Work, Travel and Make Memories

We are Julie and Sara. We made our dream come true by experiencing all that New Zealand has to offer! Our Guide will help you to create your own adventure and get the most out of your experience in New Zealand. Whether you are planning to get a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) or just looking to explore this fascinating country.


✓ More than 100 pages: with everything you need to know to be ready for the experience of your dreams! Each chapter is personalised with photos and real-life experiences.

✓ Practical information: what to pack, health insurance, bank account, IRD number, ways to travel, van life, cost of living, work, links, tips and much more!!! We've got you covered!

✓Job opportunities: how to write a CV, where to find a job and most valuable, a list of our job contacts we've worked for, how much we earned, job description and extra info!

✓New Zealand by region: what you should visit, what you can do, where you can eat, the best hiking trails and the hidden gems of New Zealand.

✓Interviews: testimonies of other travellers who have experienced the Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand in different ways (solo travel, hitchhiking, volunteering…). Stories and advice that will enrich your adventure.

✓Bonus: A google maps list with more than 200 locations in one click.

We have put our heart and soul into creating this complete guide.

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