Ambassador Programme - The My Mental Health Rocks Method

Ambassador Programme - The My Mental Health Rocks Method

Leanne MacDonald Well-Being
Included in the ambassador programme:

Facebook group

3 x Core Training videos

3 x Additonal training videos
(all pre-recorded so you can watch in your own time)


4 x Lesson plans to use in the home / school / community that deliver our messages in a fun and interactive way.

1 x Activity workbook that supports the lessons

1 x Daily mindset journal

Everything is delivered as a PDF download for you to save and print out and work though and we are on hand to answer any questions.

The cost of the programme is only £199.00

Once you complete the training you will be able to helo young people understand:

• Mental health is a normal part of daily life, like physical health.

• We are all born with mental health.

• Mental health is not our emotions.

• The superpowers/systems we have because of our mental

• Understanding where their feelings and emotions come from.

• Understanding the nature of their feelings and emotions.

• Understanding how our feelings and emotions can impact
how we experience our mental health.

• Understanding we all work in the exact the same way.

• Understanding that our state of mind can affect our
judgement and decision making.

• Understanding that people feel things differently.

• Understanding the nature of our thoughts.